Hi everyone, we just wanted to say hi and to reassure you we are still here and also offer a little advice and insight on the situation we find ourselves in.

Firstly we want to let you know we are very contactable, even if we are not in the office, our families have all said to us when we are working from home – well doing what? It drives us both mad, weddings and events don’t just happen by magic, its not just about the big day, a huge amount of our work goes on behind the scenes with schedules and details to ensure flawless delivery from us, drop us an email if you are worried about ANYTHING!

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The Wedding Industry is getting a lot of bad press at the moment, this makes us sad, most of our immediate network are hardworking, dedicated lovely people, nearly all have lost there income streams, and like you are trying to navigate this nightmare as best we can, no one printed a rule book for this scenario. We are being kind, please be kind to us too.

  • We understand the pain of postponement, you probably feel your life plans are on hold as you may have been wishing to start a family, move jobs, relocate or even emigrate after your wedding. We will guide you with the knowledge we have built up over the years.
  • We are already seeing unprecedented demand for 2021 dates, 2020 was set to be our busiest year ever, we have so far comfortably rescheduled a number of weddings to 2021 and 2022, at this moment in time unfortunately  its looking like this situation is only going to get worse. We will endeavour to do our utmost to offer you an alternative Saturday, but realistically, we think we will run out of Saturdays to offer in 2021. Midweek, Fridays and Sundays we think will become the new norm next  year, your guests will appreciate why this is the case and will support you, whichever day! Whatever happens moving forwards we will guide you through reaching an alternative.
  • Don’t rule out a winter wedding, most venues have indoor space, marquees have amazing heaters nowadays, some winter wedding photography is spectacular, and winter weddings could offer more availability date wise, we can do a warming  winter menu, and mulled wine, cider or hot chocolate, remember summer dates do not guarantee summer weather!
  • If you are struggling to get a registrar to marry you on a new date, consider having a celebrant officiate the wedding, you won’t of course legally be married, but you can do the legal bit before or after, you would get to wear your dress twice!
  • Work backwards with your suppliers, rescheduled dates need to  marry up the venue (marquee),  (church if using) caterers and photographer first, without them your day wont be as you originally planned, then maybe ask the stationer what is the latest lead time they need to work too for invites.
  • Will Oaktree Occasions be here next year? Is my booking safe? Yes. We are an established business, we are secure, we will weather the storm, Jo and Caroline have built up Oaktree Occasions to reflect the heart, soul and passion we put into all of our events, we are not going to give that up! But realistically, we and many other smaller scale suppliers have totally lost there incomes, and some of our supplier friends may have to get part time jobs in another sector if we cannot resume business this year. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about you, its just reality.
  • Will my wedding cost more? We have carried over all of this years weddings to date with no extra charges whatsoever, the cost of ingredients may be higher, and Brexit is still  looming, we will talk to you if this is something that becomes relevant, as per our terms and conditions.
  • We understand what a huge decision a delay or postponement is, we know you want your Gran and Granddad there, we know the date was really special, we know you have shed tears, we have too, please communicate with us, please be flexible, please do not take your business away from us, please be kind, and please tell people we are open for business and have helped you, we all like to be told we are nice!

At the time of writing we are expecting an update on Sunday 10th May from Boris, whatever  he says please don’t panic, and remember we will be here to hold your hands, as always, we cannot wait to see you all and get back to doing what we love!

Lots of love to you all

Jo, Caroline and all at Oaktree xxx

Please feel free to contact us here