A month ago I got married and, yes, it was the day of my dreams with so many great bits that we are still talking and enjoying now. However the planning had its ups and downs and, even being extremely organised and working with weddings a lot, I did have some stressful moments!


My first frustration was suppliers not returning my emails or even phone calls promptly. I could not believe that people in the service industry fail to do this with some taking a week or longer to reply. Caroline and I always return our emails within 24 hours, preferably less, as we both feel this is extremely important.

My husband to be and I had firm ideas of what we did and did not want, and if you to are like this then stay strong with your ideas and do not waver! You have so many family and friends that want to help but can often confuse your thoughts and send you on a wild goose chase for something that you never even wanted. For example, we did want something quirky and a little different, which some of our guests had difficulties understanding sometimes.

The stress! We had made all our decorations weeks (even months) in advance as we did not want to be running around the day before and this all worked really well. So much so that the day before we were able to have a fairly relaxed day and meet up with some of our guests. However, I have never been as stressed as I was the week before. This was caused by situations that I could not control and where I had to rely on other people. The only advice I can give is be sure of your day, where you want to marry and your reception venue and then ensure that your suppliers are there to help you: remember you are paying them!

For our reception we went to a small hotel, we did not want to be moving cookers and equipment around and Caroline could enjoy the day too without being chained to the cooker! I would have liked to have been able to set the tables myself, but that is the OCD coming out in me!! Obviously I could not turn up at the hotel after they served breakfast on the morning of my wedding to set them, so I had to put my trust in them. The hotel was great, with fantastic food and friendly staff. Of course Caroline and I sat there with our caterers hats on, and yes there would have been things we would have done differently, but they did us proud.

My wedding experience was stressful and at times I did not enjoy the run up to the day, BUT without a shadow of a doubt it was the best day of my life and one I will never forget.