Deciding on the food for your wedding breakfast, can be tricky. In this blog, we answer frequent questions that we get asked with our honest opinions. We have catered for lots of weddings and corporate dinners over the years and can use our experience to guide you by things that have worked well and not so well. Of course, ultimately the decision is yours and we want you to have your perfect day!

Can we have a barbecue for our winter wedding?

Barbecue sharing platters have become a popular option for wedding breakfasts with barbecues being many couple’s favourite food. However, if you are having a December wedding, a barbecue may not be the most practical option. A lot of the barbecue items need to be cooked outside on a barbecue so if its pouring with rain, blowing a gale or we’re knee deep in snow, then preparing the food isn’t always possible. Paired with the fact that a lot of the salads that accompany include seasonal produce which just doesn’t have the same flavour in the winter. Finally, think about your guests, if they are cold, a barbecue may not be the most warming meal.

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Vegetable and Halloumi Kebabs

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Selection of homemade salads and accompaniments

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Sharing barbecue platters of kebabs, butchers burgers and chicken breasts

Can we have our two favourite desserts?

Incorporating your favourites within a menu can be done. Although, it does need to be thought about if your favourite dessert is chocolate mousse and your partners is chocolate brownie, your guests only have one non chocolatey option. If one loves lemon posset and one loves creme brulee, your guests are restricted by two creamy options. With a little thought, we can help design a menu that incorporates food that you both love and caters for all your guests tastes too.

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Lemon Possett with Homemade Shortbread

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Creme Brulee with Homemade Shortbread

Can we have 3 meat options instead of 2 meat and a vegetarian?

Personally, we always include a vegetarian option, even if you are convinced that you have no vegetarian guests. You never know one of your guests may become vegetarian before the wedding or event. Furthermore, we find that there are always guests that order the vegetarian option despite being a meat eater, if they prefer a lighter choice.

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Butternut Squash, Caramelised Pecan Nut and Stilton Wellington

Can we mix serving styles?

Of course you can. You are more than welcome to have a traditional plated main course and a sharing dessert if you would like. This means that you will only need to take a pre order from your guests for main course which can reduce the workload a little.

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Summer buffet being served by our team

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Trio of Desserts, another option to save a wedding guest pre order

What if we want a dish that isn’t in your wedding collection?

Tell us!! In fact, some of the dishes within our collection have come from couples requesting them. Caroline is always happy to try and incorporate your ideas.

For more advice and helpful information, read our other blogs which are all written to try and make your life easier and answer some common questions.

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