As outside caterers we understand that weddings can cost huge amounts of money and we like to work with our clients to achieve the wedding or event that they have always dreamt of but at a sensible price…

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To do this we will always give you ideas of where to cut and where to add foods to help you manage your budget more effectively.

Before we even start talking about the main wedding breakfast, have you considered canapes?

Traditionally weddings were always a three course meal and here in West Devon roast beef would have always been at the top of the menu. But we all know that three courses are quite filling and if you are getting married around lunchtime then canapés can be a great substitute to a starter.

When your guests first arrive at the reception venue, canapés can be served along with the arrival drinks. Canapés can be as costly or inexpensive as you want them to be, from smoked salmon blinis, duck and hoi sin samosas to a real favourite: bitesize Yorkshire puddings with roast beef and horseradish cream. If you would like a less expensive option, you do not need to choose 6 differet canapes for everyone, you could just choose one or two.

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Canapes are not only great for your guests as they arrive but they also save on the arrival drinks bill. For example, if you are serving champagne then the canapes will slow the flow of drinks down. They are also great for giving a WOW factor for guests to talk about, they fill a gap if guests are hungry (especially if the photos are going on longer then expected) and, the best bit, they can save you money on a starter course.

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