If you’re about to hold an event where you are having a drinks reception, here are a few tips that may just help you…

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When thinking about a drinks reception for a large number of guests, the best saying is “keep it simple!”. If you want to serve a champagne cocktail, bottled beers, soft drinks, Pimm’s and some wine “because your friend only drinks wine”, you may be setting yourself up for problems!

Firstly that is a lot of different glasses and stock to have to carry to the reception area and buy. The most important part of a drinks reception is to have your guests served quickly when they first arrive and to keep them topped up and too much choice complicates and slows down the process. By keeping your guests topped up your are also saving many different glasses being used, as if people finish a drink they will put the glass down and take a new drink.

If you really need lots of choice then to do this properly you will need to have additional staff, so if you do not want to spend lots of money on extra staff simply limit the choice to two or three drinks in total: your guests will be looked after more attentively and should not have to go and find a top up. If the drinks are free, people will not mind!

If you are worried about the choice of drinks you may be better to have a bar open on arrival and put some cash behind the bar so that guests can have exactly what they want. This may save you some staff too.

Want to give your drinks a “WOW” factor? Set your glasses on a table in a pretty pattern, such as a circle, diamond or even a heart – it can be done hours before the event and covered. This does two things: it ensures your glasses are out and ready, and when your guests arrive they will see you have put some thought into the lay out.

To give them even more WOW factor, garnish the glasses with fresh strawberries if serving champagne or sparkling wine. If you are serving Pimm’s you can add cucumber, strawberries and oranges to the glass as well as lots of ice and fresh mint on the top. If you have ladies attending buy some funky straws to add to the glasses.

Hopefully this has given you an insight and will help you organise your drinks on arrival at your event or wedding.

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