Many of us remember the day where ‘trio’s’ of desserts were not a ‘thing’ so to speak. But now even sharing platters of desserts have made an appearance.

So with a minefield of desserts to choose from which one should you opt for? The decision is yours but here are some pointers that may help guide you with your decision.

Start with what you have chosen for main course. If you have chosen a sharing main course, then a trio, sharing platter or buffet dessert would work best for you. There is little point in having individual desserts as you would then need to collect a pre order just for your desserts, creating unnecessary work for yourself. Chosen a buffet main course… then why not save your guests from having to get up again and give them a trio of desserts or a sharing platter.

Individual desserts are great if you have guests that you know would prefer to have their own dessert knowing its there and that it is a choice they have chosen and like.

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Trio can offer the same, with each guest having their own plate, whilst negating the need for a pre-order. It also means that your guests can sample a little of all three.

Sharing platters create a ‘WOW’ factor when your guests are presented with slate platters adorned with lots of miniature desserts.

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They can also help to add to the atmosphere with some guests bartering for the an extra piece of chocolate torte in exchange for a piece of cheesecake. We also ensure that each platter has enough for each person to have one of each of the four desserts. Buffet desserts still have their place too, usually only following a buffet main course.


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