Just when you thought you’d got your wedding catering for your wedding breakfast sorted… you remember evening food. Evening food can pose many dilemmas… Should we use the same caterers as the day? Should we go for something different and memorable? How much money have we got left to spend? What if its wasted? What happens when people get hungry at midnight and the caterers have left? How can we keep everyone happy- Mum and Dad want a real spread!

These are all questions that can haunt even the most organised couples, and often causes much more angst than the main breakfast menu decision making.

In this weeks blog, we thought we would guide you through the minefield of catering for your evening guests and give you our top hints, tips and advice.


Think about where you have already spent money

If you are in a venue or marquee that requires caterers to bring cookers with them, it is highly likely that you will have paid a hire charge for this. Using the same caterer in the evening maximises the use of this equipment saving you money on hiring additional equipment for the evening.

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The Good Old Finger Buffet!

We rarely get asked for this these days, but you know- when we do it is often a good choice, in Devon and Cornwall some families are very traditional and there guest list may be very local, there is still a place for this if its what you think your guests will enjoy.

Don’t “go large”

Hot Dogs, Beefburgers and Bacon Baps are not to be dismissed, we serve our local butchers sausages which are a little bit legendary, in a smaller roll, and serve then in pretty wicker baskets, cooked in batches, and served on a rolling basis, we can make sure all of these options are kept fresh, hot and still look appealing, and after a few beers…they really go down well! Don’t be tempted to have lots of different choices though, hot dogs with cheese and biscuits, with dietary requirements catered for are really all you need.

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Something different vs. the practicalities

A stone fired pizza van, pig on a spit and a fish and chip van all conjure up some kind of romantic picnicky vibe and  may sound more interesting but consider the practicalities. Will they do a site visit to check that they can park/ set up close to your guests, and check electricity and water availability? If your evening food ends up being miles away from your guests it is likely that it won’t all be eaten. Your guests either won’t know its available or won’t want to leave the dance floor to get it.Devon corporate catering, caterers near me

We always ensure that we conduct a site visit prior to catering at a new venue that we haven’t catered at before. Even if you are having a marquee and we are looking at an empty field; we like to know exactly where the van will be parked, electricity and water sources and any logistical challenges that we need to be aware of.

Stone fired pizza vans sound great but can they serve 150 people quickly or will there be a massive queue? You may like the drama of a spit roast but if the weather is poor, your guests won’t see it and those that go up halfway through will simply see a part carved carcass. Whereas, we utilise your ovens from the day to prepare legs of pork, ensuring that everyone gets a tasty slice of meat without the gristle that can come with a spit roast. Guests love to see ” The Chef” carving out the front. We can also prepare freshly baked pizzas for your guests to enjoy, cooked fresh in large numbers if needed, in the ovens already hired from us earlier…. whats not to love about utilising your budget to get double whammy from it.

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Budget is often a major consideration in the wedding planning process. We are big advocates of not wasting huge amounts of money on evening food. Keep it simple! A selection of  Pasties, Meat and Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Vegan are also easily available. If you are going into the cooler months of the year, Bowl Food can be a good choice, A Curry or Beef Bourguignon with rice can be a welcome warming choice for cooler nights.

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We are surrounded by wonderful cheese producers here with a varied selection of cheese biscuits this is a great option, low cost for a large number and also keeps it traditional to Devon and Cornwall. Cheese and biscuits are great alongside any evening food as midnight munchies. It is safe for your caterers to leave this out for your guests to nibble when they want to refuel after all the dancing.

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The Sweet Spot!

Finally, as we say time and time again, the sweet element comes from your Wedding Cake, cut in the evening for your evening guests to feel part of the day, we place this around on tables for your guests to pick up and nibble at their leisure.

We are here to help guide you through the range of options available to you, to ensure that your evening food is enjoyed by everyone and not wasted.

Dates are filling up fast for 2021, so if you would like us to cater for your Devon wedding, please contact us