Here in West Devon we can be prone to rapidly changing weather so when organising your wedding (and catering) it is important to take this into consideration. It is one element of your day that no one can control so it is worthwhile having a plan B, just in case!

Devon wedding catering

If you get to the day and, sadly, it’s pouring with rain, be prepared for all your timings to come forward. For example, your guests will not stay at the church watching the photos being taken and chatting as they will want to find somewhere dry and warm so are likely to arrive at the venue early. Check that your outside caterers or venue staff will be prepared for this! After all, you should have an idea of your weather a few days before.

For the plan B, think about your photos and arrival drinks: where will you send your guests for drinks when they first arrive? Is there somewhere sheltered to have your group photos? Can you and your husband or wife to be stop at one of our many historical Devon venues for a few photos of just the two of you? This also gives you half an hour away from your guests, to take the day in.

If your wedding reception is being held in a marquee have some umbrellas at the door so guests can borrow them and if the Devon skies really are planning on doing their worst then you will be wise to discuss some extra flooring for the entrance as this always becomes soggy! Marquee companies are very used to this, so have the conversation first as last.

Do you know someone that can get wood chip at short notice? Wood chip is brilliant for keeping gateways to fields dry (ish) for cars and makes good pathways for guests coming and going into the marquee and toilets. Again worth having someone on standby if needs be….

On a plus note, some of the best wedding photography is taken when the weather is bad an umbrella as a prop seems to work well!

Always have a Plan B, then hopefully you may not need to use it!

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