The list of possibilities is endless when it comes to the selection of arrival drinks you can have… so what should you choose.

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Our advice, keep it simple! Don’t even try to provide every guests favourite drinks, you’ll end up spending a fortune on part used bottles and crates of beer. After all, you are providing free drinks so your guests will be more than happy to choose from those available.

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A classic combination is Pimms and lemonade which we can garnish with fresh fruit, bottled beers and orange juice or eldeflower presse for the non-drinkers. You could also add in prosecco to this mix.

Devon Wedding Catering

With regards to bottled beers, we recommend having only one type of beer or two if you really want. Any more than this makes it difficult to keep your guests topped up and can lead to several part full open boxes which you can’t return.

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Milton Barn Wedding cateringIf you would like to ‘Pimp your Prosecco’, we recommend having a separate table with the flavourings and fruits etc. that guests can help themselves to upon receiving a drink.


If you aren’t used to buying drinks for large parties, it can be tricky to judge how much to buy. We can help you here and give you rough estimates based on the drinks you are offering. Of course, it is likely to vary from our exact numbers depending on your guests. For a one to one and a half our drinks reception, we recommend allowing at least three drinks per person.

Winter Drinks:

If your wedding is in the colder months, mulled wine or cider can provide a warming option for your guests rather than Pimm’s which is more summery.

Speak to us for more advice and tips on your arrival drinks, we are happy to guide you. Click the link to get in touch.