We have a long and winding road ahead, but we are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of Devon, surrounded by wonderful friends,clients and suppliers, put your feet up, and have a read…..

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Dartmoor Okehampton

At the time of writing this post we are all mostly locked away trying to stay safe in our own homes. One  thing in this truly terrifying situation has been our realisation  of how reliant as individuals we are on the big name supermarkets, and the near panic when people realised they may not just be able to rely on them for everything they needed.

When people realized the supermarket may not be the one stop shop they envisaged, we saw locally a real rush to the smaller outlets-local butchers-local bakers-farm shops-locally grown vegetables being sold from the side of the road.

It made us reflect on our business, how we gather supplies into our business and how resilient we are, and you know, it made us really proud of how we use local suppliers all the time, not just during a crisis.

Our meat comes from two local suppliers-Martins Butchers in our Devon town of Okehampton, his meat comes from local farmers, and poultry and duck from Crediton, our vegetable supplier is Westcountry Fruit and Veg -there list is too long to print here but as well as a huge supply from Cornwall, they get their swedes from 2 miles away from us, Potatoes, Cauliflowers and  Strawberries from Kingsbridge and Blueberries from Lustleigh!

Devon Wedding Caterers

Creedy Carver chicken form Crediton

Ellis Bakery in Okehampton and Tavistock supply us with our breads and whilst, as we make all our own dishes from scratch, we do use trade name dry goods we us the local firm of RD Johns to supply us who employ local people, and also have local food manufacturers in there ranges. All our fish is from S & J fisheries in Plymouth, delivered fresh daily.

I guess the point we are trying to make is that sometimes it takes a crisis to look closer to home and see whats around you, we are super grateful to regular local clients who use our services year after year, we are not just a wedding business, we rely on local council work, agricultural shows- Holsworthy and Stratton, Launceston and Okehampton and lots of varied local business and corporate events to keep our business going in the quieter months.

When we come out of the other side of this, please don’t forget the local egg man on the side of the road, where you got eggs for the first time when the supermarkets ran out, or the farm fresh veg box, who delivered direct to your door…they helped you when you needed them.

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Local strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries

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