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Today is Monday 15th June 2020. England went into Lockdown on 23rd March 2020- 112 days ago at the time of writing this, or to put it in another way- we have so far rescheduled or postponed 31 events, one every 3.5 days and expect this number to increase.

Everyone in the Wedding Industry was lauding 2020 as THE BEST YEAR EVER- mainly date driven with some dates that would be memorable to look back on being able to be sold ten times over if that was ever possible, not even the best of clairvoyants could surely have foreseen what we personally and as part of a huge industry were about to face.

At the very beginning, to be honest it was all a bit, well almost hysterical, novel, daunting, new and challenging! We in this industry were just gearing up to 80 hour weeks, getting ready to deal with the always seemingly insurmountable workload the Summer Season brings, with all the preparation, rota’s, planning, counting, deep cleaning, site visits and tastings done and yep-WE ARE READY! HERE WE GO! Then it was STOP.

The impact on the business has been extreme, we have had ZERO income since early March. Our fixed costs remain the same. We did get a grant-thank you, it helped but didn’t last long. We have been able to look after our staff as best we can with the Job Retention Scheme, we will not fair well with personal incomes this year.

We have dealt with all our clients, whether brides and grooms, corporate or private as fairly as we can, next years diary is extremely busy with postponements, we have not charged clients to move, so this isn’t just a 2020 problem, we will feel the impact for a long time to come.

As the weeks have turned into months it has gotten harder and bleaker, we will admit to struggling emotionally, identities lost,  we too have parents we haven’t seen, loved ones who are ill, distressed clients to calm-wanting advise on how to proceed, which we cannot answer as we don’t know when the hell this is going to end-false dates of re-opening, when can we reopen, how are we going to re open? But we have not thankfully lost anyone personally and for that we are eternally grateful.

Our industry has had a real bashing in the press, everything being so consumer driven, you are our consumers we need to look after you or else we have no business, but….we are human, cut us and we bleed, oh poor us you may be thinking, that’s not what we mean, but at the time of writing this we still have no clear guidance on how or when we can move forward, we have just rescheduled a wedding for a client the second time, it may well have to be rescheduled again, this is heartbreaking for all concerned. All we ask is for you to be fair and reasonable to your suppliers and have some empathy and understanding from the other side.


We just wanted to say, we are here, we will remain to be here, but it’s not been easy! Sometimes its fine to say this is hard, it’s not OK. Have we just been enjoying the break, chillaxing, no we are both as exhausted and tired as if we had done a normal full season, but without having accomplished anything.

But we will be back and unlike many we will still have a business to return too, jobs to offer and incomes to make, which we are eternally grateful for and hopefully soon doing what we should have done for you but on a different day- or year-take care xx

We still have availability for late 2020, 2021  and 2022 events and weddings please call contact us.