All weddings are stressful to organise! Even if you are the most organised couple, factors beyond your control may just tip you over the edge, such as an awkward family member, a bridesmaid not wanting to wear the shoes you have bought her or the florist not listening to the flowers that you want! But Coronavirus, who had even heard of this six months ago and no one knew that a pandemic would take over and throw your wedding and the world into chaos!

Coronavirus and Cavernoma - Cavernoma Alliance UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned all weddings from taking place for three weeks at least, at which time the Government will review the situation. Social gatherings are also limited to your household!

These recent updates have not only seen West Devon Civic Ball in March postponed, all of our April and May weddings, but also some into the early summer months of June and July also postponing . We completely understand the stress that all our lovely couples and other couples out there are in, we have been told by brides that once you have made the decision to postpone, you will feel relief!

We have been hearing some pretty terrible stories of suppliers wanting to charge up to £5, 000 to postpone dates and charging a new non refundable deposit for couples new date, we think this is unfair and whilst we understand as we are all under extreme financial strain, to charge people so much is not right at a time we should be pulling together.

Oaktree Occasions is a small business and we have lost all our revenue for a few months but we will be back and we are not charging any families for postponing their day. Yes we understand there may be changes along the way as Coronavirus will give people a new outlook on life and their special days moving forwards,  no matter what the changes are we are always here and will help wherever we can moving forward.

We are also happy to change our payment plans if that helps any couples moving forward, whether that be a wedding that is approaching in August or for a new booking, we will reduce the initial deposit, we want to help where we can.

If you have to postpone, speak to your church/ venue first of all, many suppliers are doing their utmost to help couples and if you want to make life a little easier for yourselves and stand a chance of working with all your pre booked suppliers then why not think about a marrying on a Friday, Sunday or a mid week day, we all know there are only so many Saturday’s in a year. For us, we have lots of Friday weddings now and a few mid week and Sunday’s, again we will do our best to fit everyone in.

Our advice, talk to all our suppliers, tell them your worries and concerns, we are all human at the end of the day and facing a new situation together. We are sure the the majority of people out there will want to work with you.

Moving forward we will take each event and date as it moves closer, taking advice from the Government and ensuring our team and all guests remain safe at all times. We are keen to be back catering for all our events and weddings as soon as possible but safety is our first priority.

If you you have any worries or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to offer some friendly advice.

Take care one and all and stay safe!