If you are planning your wedding or event in the middle of summer and hoping for fantastic weather, then you have to consider refrigeration for food and beverages as you will certainly want cold wine, beers and bubbly to enjoy and you most definitely will not want to give your guests food poisoning!!

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If you are having a marquee event you will require refrigeration, this can be 2 or 3 old fridges that you can buy from FaceBook market place and be plugged into the catering/bar area of the marquee. It is handy if these can run of mains electric if you are close enough as they can then be left on over night to ensure the drinks are really cold!

Builders trugs is another option with LOTS and LOTS of ice, obviously the hotter the day the more ice you will require to keep the drinks cold. Be warned you may loose some labels off bottles but if you put the bottles in bin bags first this will help.

If you are having a large event we would recommend hiring a fridge trailer as they work brilliantly, you can leave all the drinks in their boxes as long as you put them in at least 24 hours prior and turn on. Most trailers come with shelves so you can stack the drinks and see clearly what you have.

Speak to your bar supplier if you are having someone come in and ensure they have refrigeration for their drinks.

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We have seen some hot weather over the years and for food there is nothing worse! It goes limp, then gets hot and soon the bacteria will start to grow and you would not be safe to serve it. You would definitely recommend refrigeration for all foods in all weather.

Now if you are employing professional caterers they should have have a refrigerated vehicle, especially if they are travelling from their base to a venue, the food should be refrigerated on the journey and throughout the duration of the day. No food can be served if it has been out of refrigeration for more then two hours, these are hygiene rules set out by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. When you are looking at caterers ask about refrigeration, this is an important area which needs to be covered.

For more information and ideas about refrigeration, menus and service of food and drinks contact us now.