If you turn the on the TV at any given time of day or night at the moment you can guarantee a cooking programme of some sort, be it Masterchef, Great British Menu or Tom Kerridge in the afternoon!


These are great for inspiration and there really are some amazing amateurs and unbelievably fantastic professional chefs showing off their skills.

What’s interesting for us is that the same thing trips them all up again and again: concentrating too much on the wow factor and overlooking taste or making something taste amazing but poorly presented so it looks unappetising.

Here in West Devon we are so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful produce. Did you know our garlic comes from Lydford? Swedes from Crediton and not forgetting all our lovely fresh seafood from our neighbours in Cornwall. We also have some of the best farms in the country producing amazing beef and the renowned Creedy Carver Poultry in Crediton.

With our catering, we always put flavour and taste first, using the highest quality fresh local ingredients, then develop the best way of presenting them so the food tastes great AND looks great.

We also know our limitations, most Michelin star establishments charge so much due to the 20 chefs in the background working with chemicals and liquid nitrogen!

Our food is fresh, local, and prepared simply but with care and a little bit of flair!