Weddings are one of the most stressful events you will ever organise! Even to the most organised person the planning can be daunting at times and the week prior you need to have strong delegation skills, be decisive, a problem solver and organised on top of being excited that your BIG day is fast approaching. At this point we would advise you have your hubby to be, mum, sibling or close friend by your side, someone that knows exactly how you want your day to run and can step in if you are delayed at the beauty salon. It does not hurt if this person is a little bit ‘bossy’ this will ensure the jobs get done!

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Following are some ideas that will help the week prior be a little less stressful for you, so that you can enjoy the week…..


Speak to all your suppliers a month before your wedding and ask them if they will require any additional information from you. From a caterers point, this would be the table plan with dietary requirements, a photographer may want finalised timings, the DJ will want to know your first dance choice, for example. Any information that suppliers require, aim to have it all to them a week later. Also put down any final requests you may have for them. If the suppliers have all the details they require they will not be contacting you, only if it is urgent.


Table centres, decorations (bunting for example), place cards, candles, menu cards, cake stand and knife, drinks (if supplying your own), children’s gift bags and anything else you require at the venue pack up in a separate room and have ready to put in the car and go! To help further you can have a small box for each table, this could contain the table number/name, the place cards (in order of who is sitting next to who), table centre, menu cards and any decorations you may be adding. Finally ensure that all the decorations are made and finished weeks before the wedding, this alone will remove lots of stress!

Have a Plan B

If you are planning a beautiful summer wedding but our good old English weather lets you down then have a Plan B! With this in mind there will be no surprises and you can kick the plan off straight away. This could be an area for indoor photos that you have agreed with your photographer. Eating half an hour earlier with any remaining photos being taken after the meal, when hopefully the sun is out! Speak to your caterers in advance to see if this is possible. An indoor drink location if you were going outside, umbrellas and dare we say wellies, if the rain is really bad! If you have a Plan B in place then hopefully you will not have to use it!

Line up the Troops!

Have a list of jobs that need to be done the week and mainly the day prior. Think about what you are planning on the day prior, are you having your nails done, when is your rehearsal? Try and keep the day prior as free as possible. Have a time plan of what needs to be done and when. Think about your family that will be around to help, if you are not a strong delegator write a list of people and put jobs, that they are suited too, beside their name, then they can just refer to this list and keep busy. Think about your helpful friends, that will do whatever you ask and have them along to help if you need. This may sound harsh but trust us you really do not want 20 people stood round the day prior just chatting as they will still be chatting at 8pm at night and you will not be ready!

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Get jobs done early, if you can!

If you are having a marquee for example and it is being put up on the Wednesday prior to your Saturday wedding start to do some jobs. Hang the bunting or lanterns up if you are having. Put the guest tables and chairs in place, where you would like them. Put the tables up in the kitchen. If the marquee is secure take all the drinks down (check with your caterer where to put them). If the weather is good put your seating out ready. Take all your table centres up on the Thursday if you can, then they can be popped on the table on the Friday once it is all set up.

Ensure your bridesmaids and grooms men have everything they need early in the week prior, even get them to have a dress rehearsal to ensure they have.

So, in conclusion ensure you are ready, EARLY! With all wedding and event planning we say if you can confirm suppliers, make your choices and tick boxes you will have a much smoother planning experience. Ensure you can work with your suppliers and take time to build a relationship with them, in the long run this will help greatly!

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