When we meet our future bride and grooms along with their families there is always a discussion about table sizes and shapes, which ones are more sociable, which fit better in the venue, hire of tables etc… etc…

So to answer some questions and to give you some options, we thought it might be helpful to list the tables below. Here you can see how many guests can sit at the tables and if they work for your choice and service style of wedding menu.

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Round Tables

– These are popular and always will be from a social point of view as most of the time you can talk to all the guests around and opposite you. There are 3 main sizes of round table and we have put the number of guests that work well on each size following:

5′ Round Tables

– These sit 8 guests perfectly, you can squeeze 9 guests on them which would be fine and you could drop to just 6 guests. This too would work as the guests would still be able to talk to each other.

If you are having a sharing menu you probably would not want to put more then 7 people on these tables and you definitely should not have large table centres.

5′ 6″ Round Tables

– In our experience, these are the best size of round table! These tables sit 10 guests, you can squeeze 11 guests on and you can also drop to 7 guests. This size of table you would be able to talk to all the guests sat around it.

If you are having a sharing menu again we would advise not to put more then 9 guests on this size table with small table centres. If you are having a 3 course meal, 10 guests sat on this table will looked crammed but it will be fine!

From a cost point of view we sometimes use square linen table cloths which are much cheaper then round table cloths. A 90 x 90 inch cloth sits really well on these tables and your guests will not really be able to tell the difference between a round and square cloth! This is another thing to consider and the following picture demonstrates it well.


6′ Round Tables

– These few extra inches make all the difference! Being comfortable you can sit 12 guests on this size table and squeeze 13 guests on, however if you have 10 or less they will not be able to talk to each other as well and it is quite difficult to talk across these tables as they are so big. If you are thinking about having 6′ tables, our advice would be to go and have a look at them, as they are not as sociable as you may think.


Trestle Tables

The other popular table is a trestle (or rectangular) table which is 6′ by 2’6. Many venues and halls have these size tables in abundance and they can be used for a variety of set ups. If you are having a marquee event we will ask for approximately ten of these tables as we use them as kitchen tops in the catering tent. They can also be used for drink and bar tables, present tables and a top table if you would like all your guests sat in a line.

If you would like to use these tables for your event, 6 guests or fewer can be sat at one of these tables.

If you are hiring a venue with tables and do not want to go to the expense of hiring round tables you can put two trestle tables together to make a square. You can sit 10 guests around this perfectly.

The other set up with trestle tables which is easily achieved, is a long medieval setting with 3/4/5 trestle tables put together end to end. You can have 2 or 3 rows of these tables to achieve the number of guests you need to sit. Yes this can look great, but from a service point of view there can be some disadvantages. The first is serving these tables in a timely manner, you may have 24 guests, for example, sitting on one side of a table, and the wait staff need to walk around this BIG table to serve everyone, whereas smaller tables of 10 guests are easier and quicker to walk to everyone. The second disadvantage is a sharing or festival menu on these tables. Trestle tables in particular are not very wide so there is very little room for serving platters to sit between guests along with the guests plates, cutlery and glasses. If you are going this route it is also worth keeping your table centres small! By putting these table together you must still work to 6 guests on each table as a maximum.


Now, if you would really like the medieval style of table set up with long tables and sharing platters, there are suppliers that have created a plank table which is slightly wider. Again, as we said earlier those few inches make all the difference! These plank tables generally still sit 6 guests, however we have seen the odd one that will sit 8 guests. They are also very rustic, so do not always need table cloths, a table runner, or candles, vases and many other ideas will suffice and look amazing.


Finally, top tables! very few top tables are made up of 8 guests, many have 9 or 10 or even 6. Again some hire companies have got wise to this and you can hire tables to make up the size you need especially in an oval shape. The oval looks great as you can sit just one side of the table and around the oval ends, this makes the table far more sociable. The straight top tables are still popular, but if you have just got 5 or 6 of you on the top table, how about using a round table and sitting on one side of it?

We hope this has given you some help and ideas. We have many other hints and tips so if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01837 55841 or by using our contact form.