Traditionally, wedding cakes were always fruit cake but now there are so many different varieties to choose from. Wedding cakes don’t come cheap so making the most of it is really important. In this blog, we will talk you through our tips from flavours, to when to cut your cake and what to cut up on the day.

We have seen many different wedding cakes over the years whilst we have been catering and can help advise on lots of tastes, textures and looks.

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Everything from painted cakes, naked cakes, themed wedding cakes, cup cakes and more….

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If you want the majority of your guests to enjoy a piece of cake, choosing a couple of different flavours means you are more likely to cater to everyone’s tastes. A lot of people, nowadays don’t like fruitcake so unless you are a big family of fruit cake eaters don’t have it for every tier. Bear in mind the weather and your venue, if you are having a marquee in the peak of summer and hoping for a sunny day, a cake decorated with buttercream may not survive the heat. The last thing you want is to be panicking about your cake melting.

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This chocolate cake was painted for an Autumnal woodland themed wedding at Bude.

This naked cake, is a simple and cheaper option, made for a wedding in North Devon.

Budget Buster

If you have lots of people attending and you do not want to have the expense of a 4-tier wedding cake, then how about having a cutting cake. This is a cake that is iced but not so intricately decorated, so your guests will think they’re eating the original wedding cake and only the person cutting will know the difference. If you would like a big wedding cake but are having a small intimate wedding, you could have a tier or two of dummy cakes that are iced to look like the real cake.

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When to cut the cake?

Traditionally, the wedding cake was served with tea and coffee following the wedding breakfast. This is rarely seen now as your guests are already full and a lot gets wasted.

The cutting of the cake is a great way to mark an occasion in the day. If you have additional evening guests, we recommend writing on their invitation that they are invited at 7.30pm for the cutting of the cake at 8pm for example. This helps to get more of your guests there earlier and gets everyone’s attention so that you can go straight into the first dance if you want to. In addition, if you are having evening food, this can provide the sweet, dessert element saving you money.

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Who cuts the cake up and how much should we cut?

If we are around in the evening, we are more than happy to cut your cake, plate it up and place on the evening food station and around on the remaining tables or ask your evening food caterer, they should be happy to help or your wedding venue owner. When it comes to how much to cut and which tiers to cut, we will be guided by you. Some couples still like to keep the top tier for a christening or to take with them on honeymoon. If all your tiers are different flavours, we would recommend cutting a bit of each one (apart from any tiers you want to keep). We can then cut more if required throughout the evening preventing it from going dry. Any remaining cake we would then cover with cling film for you to enjoy with your family and friends in the days following.

The Oaktree team are here to impart all their knowledge and trade secrets to make your day run as smoothly as possible and be the best it can be.

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Looking for something different?

How about a cheese wedding cake? We can disassemble it for you in the evening and arrange the cheese on a slate along with baskets of cheese biscuits, celery, grapes and chutney. This makes the perfect accompaniment to your evening food.

A fabulous cheesecake from mid Devon, with a cheese for all tastes.

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If you would like us to look after you for your special day, please do not hesitate to get in touch, dates for 2021 are limited and we are now booking for 2022. Contact us for more wedding catering information.