We are constantly asked “should we do favours?” This is something that we cannot answer but we can tell you the favours that are popular and those that are not!

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The most popular are definitely charity pins, along with edible items such as chocolates, sweets and lottery scratch cards. Wedding favours that also go down well can be small bottles of gin, port, but think of your guests, if they are not big drinkers they may get left, so think about having two types, maybe a drink and a jam pot for example?

Personalised items can be popular, a lego figure of yourself, stones made into sheep, and homemade tea lights are all well received but do not be sad if you have a few left at the end of the day.

How about combining your place name with a favour, a key ring can work brilliantly as guests like to clip them straight on to themselves as name tags!

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Do you know the tradition behind favours?

Many years ago a favour was always 5 sugar coated almonds in either a bag or a box. These almonds are symbolic and why favours first started.

The bittersweet taste of fresh almonds symbolises life, whilst the sweet sugar coating represents hope that the newlyweds will enjoy more sweetness than bitterness in life.

Five almonds are presented to represent wishes of happiness, health, wealth, children and longevity.

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