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Firstly, we are very much still here, just wanted to give you a little update from our perspective.

After 3 months of ” Wedding Lockdown” with only those in exceptional circumstances allowed to be married we are now albeit slowly entering a new phase. This still looks very different from the past “pre pandemic” times of long ago. Trying to navigate the weddings of the future whether you are a bride and groom, supplier of any description or venue it is going to be a challenge and require adaptation, compromise or postponement.

Tuesday 23rd Announcement-Our understanding…

Wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships only  will be allowed in England, to take place with a maximum of 30 guests from 4th July, it was confirmed that places of worship could reopen for prayers, services and weddings, all subject to social distancing.

Indoor hospitality venues would only be allowed with a ‘bubble’ of one other household for the time being, meaning that couples will really only be able to make their vows, but not host their reception inside. “Six people outdoors, support bubbles or two households indoors or outdoors is the rule at the moment” . Your 30 guests, if you want to go ahead won’t be giving a rendition of “All things bright and beautiful” either  as singing is banned! And the reception we feel is more or less obsolete anyway- no dancing or music allowed.

A reduction of  the 2 metre social distancing rules was announced  to “1 metre plus”. This means people should stay 2 metres apart where possible, and can reduce that to 1 metre if protection, such as face masks and screens are in place.

The good news is these regulations are reviewed regularly and the government is known to make things clearer or subject to change, especially with our industry lobbying the government hard.

We feel this is some good and some bad news, we are desperate to get back to work for you all, everyone’s situation is different but a wedding and the part we play as caterers is “the fun” part, and to be honest, we don’t see a lot that’s fun about getting married with these restrictions in place.

We are very lucky to work with the most fantastic venues in the area, and rightly so we will need to work together moving forwards to navigate re-opening our industry safely and securely following government guidelines. We have a responsibility to you as our client but to our loyal staff as well.

If wanting to be married to the love of your life, no matter about anything else has become your stance, we appreciate that, and would suggest talking to your local church if using-Devon and Cornwall or different Diocese may have different procedures and we can talk to you about postponement or using your booking with us to throw the best “Wedding Party” ever at a later date. You could at least wear your dress twice!

One would hope that this is a small step in the right direction, we don’t know what the future will bring, as the situation with weddings and large gatherings depends on the success of the new lockdown measures, and the possibility of a dreaded second wave we are so used to giving clear cut advice on all things wedding related but this is a new one for us too!

Rest assured we will endeavour to assist and come to a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding your booking with us, please do not hesitate to email us to discuss, we much prefer contact rather than radio silence.

Take Care and remain to Stay Safe and remember to Stay Strong, your time and day will come.

If you wish to talk to us about anything please contact us here. We still have limited availability in 2021, but plenty more in 2022.