So, if someone had said to me that in 2020 you will work from home for a month, I would never of believed them, and with the fullest diary we have ever had, 2020 was promising to be a real milestone for us. That was until the 16th March! It was my birthday and the first day of real sunshine we had had this year, with spring in the air it felt like the wedding season would soon be upon us. My husband and I had the day off and headed to Botallack for a walk round the old tin mines on the coast which was stunning, THEN the first email of postponement came that night. Then the dinners for the following weeks postponed followed by more and more weddings, we started working from our homes to stay safe, government stopped all social gatherings and weddings, and I am sure I do not need to go on….

Along with Caroline, I have been working to keep the business ticking over, rearranging weddings, events and keeping up with social media, learning lots of new things, it is great to have the time to watch videos and learn new ways of promoting Oaktree Occasions. I have been giving our Pinterest page a revamp and adding lots of new images to help future brides and grooms, I love to see the interactions that are taking place.

Having time is definitely the greatest feeling at the moment and not having to rush… I am sure along with many of you it is always a rush home from work late, to quickly cook tea and put on the table to then rush around doing jobs before going to bed and getting up the next day to rush around again!

I live just over the Devon border in Cornwall not far from Launceston, we live in the sticks and bought a bungalow that needed lots of love a few years ago. It is a little quirky and has amazing views, we have pretty much completed the inside of the property but never really tackled the garden, neither of us are fans!! So we have been tackling it over the last few weeks, my garden is no where near as glorious as Caroline’s and will never be but to have no weeds is a real triumph!

I am loving having time to do some sewing which I enjoy, at present I am working on a cross stitch for a friend’s little boy who loves all things farming so thought this was quite appropriate…

Just prior to lockdown, I bought our van home from Okehampton, my husband is keen on vehicles so he was eager to give the van a well earned refresh, spraying wheels and polishing it from top to bottom which I have helped with. I have to give credit to him and say it is looking better then ever before, the pressure will come for us to keep it that way!!

My husband has a vintage coach, it is his second love and has been his pride and joy for over 22 years. He was due to take it away at the beginning of April and he had been doing some little jobs ready for this, although a strange hobby, I have to say I have grown to love it also and the friends that he has within the preservation group. Sometimes we just go to Bude for fish and chips or an ice cream and people love to wave and come for a chat about it. Despite the weekend being cancelled we have continued to polish the bus, wash head rest covers and get it ready for the next event, when we hope to be able to go out.

With hubby also working from home, there is never a dull moment and the biscuit and cake tins always need filling, although this is not helping our waistlines it is something different for me to do as many of you will know I do not get involved in the kitchen at work, so it makes a nice change. We have been going out on our bikes a lot more and have been on some long bike rides to help fight the eating, it is wonderful to cycle along the quiet roads and hear the birds singing.

We are not alone at home and have two others here with us that keep us entertained most of the time… We have two cats Maxwell and Tabitha, a brother and sister that we rescued from cats protection two years ago. We completely love them and they do truly rule the house here. They help us with everything, well I use the work ‘help’ loosely… when getting the coach ready they sit in the luggage racks supervising while we are polishing the floor. We planted some fruit trees, they come along and dig again after, Rog was ironing and Max thought we would help, sitting here typing I have Tabitha on my lap and do not even start me with the help I receive when sewing!! In these strange, uncertain times they certainly bring some laughter to our lives, along with the sunshine and being able to potter around outside we class ourselves as being extremely lucky.

We hope you are all safe and well and if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this.