A question that we are asked a lot when planning people’s weddings is ‘when shall we cut our wedding cake?’

The honest answer: there is no set time any more and you really can cut the cake whenever best suits you.

Traditionally, 15- 20 years ago, the wedding cake was always cut after the main course was cleared from your guests. The bride and groom would make their way to the cake, your guests would gather around with their cameras poised ready to take ‘the cake shot’ and the bride and groom would do the honours.

The cake was cut at this stage so that the kitchen had time to cut it up ready to be served. Also the cake, more often than not, was a fruit cake which was made up of three tiers. The bottom cake was cut into fingers and served with tea and coffee after the meal, just before the speeches commenced. The small top tier was kept for the christening of the first child! How things have changed now….

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Nowadays, you can cut the cake whenever you would like: you can still go the traditional route or a time that suits your day the best. We have seen cakes cut in the afternoon before the evening guests arrive, and this gives the guests something to watch in the hour or so after the formal part of the day, and some weddings even serve tea and coffee here to refresh the guests before the party gets started. The cake above us was made by Hannah’s Cornish Cakes.

Another option that we have seen a lot in latter years and that we recommend is to cut the cake at your evening reception and you can even incorporate this as part of your evening invitation.

“You are invited to the Evening Reception of …………….. for 7.30 pm and then for the cake cutting at 8pm”

This works really well and encourages your guests to turn up on time so that the party can really start and fill the dance floor. You may just have to cater evening nibbles for a few more people as they will be there earlier!

With many cakes being made of a mixture of sponge flavours and fruit cake we also recommend that the cake is cut and served as you do not want lots of sponge cake left over as it will dry out. Why not use your cake as an addition to your evening food – this works really well if you are having a finger buffet or if you have different flavours this can be the sweet treat to the savoury part of your evening food.


So, to conclude, like many things in the wedding world today, there are no limits on when you cut your cake. Some people do not even have a cake you may want cupcakes instead, cheese or nothing at all. Think of what suits you both and what ties in with your guests and your day.

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